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Construction of Solar Ovens

Hali, Hallie, Alex, Isabella, and Jonathon work together. And quite well I might add! Belen and Cheyenne adding their reflective material to their solar cooker Priscilla, Zachary, Maddie, and Jackson hard at work Tim, Amaya, Zoe, and Isaac work on … Continue reading

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After listening to all ideas, this group decided on a mug with a straw built in. Students learned the steps of brainstorming last week: All ideas should be considered, quantity over quality, and no criticism (this was the hard one!). … Continue reading

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Solar Cookers

Here are a couple of links that will help when you explore different types of solar ovens. These are the same sites that are used during class time. Virtual Solar Cooker Interactive Simulation Background video Solar Box Cooker Design reading

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Gumdrop Bridges

Mrs. Logan (that’s me!) testing a bridge Jordan watching with sheer glee as another bridge collapsed The winning team with their bridge which held 33 pencils     After a long morning of testing, we decided to create gumdrop and … Continue reading

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Aluminum Foil Boats

Testing how many washers will fit in their boat.

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Mars Rover Video This is a highlight video of our Mars Rover Challlenge created by Mr. Harrell from the CTC. Enjoy!

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Solar Webquest

The Earth, Sun, and Moon NASA’s Cosmicopia — Ask Us — Sun Find and record the following information about the sun.  Distance from the sun   Expected life span of the sun   Speed at which sunlight travels   … Continue reading

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